What is a BIG IDEA and why do you need it to increase revenue?

Every day in the UK CEO’s, Founders, Managing Directors, Marketing Managers – people like you – spend millions of pounds on awareness and demand generation activities – most of these are companies like you. 

And whilst this marketing expense isn’t wasted – it could be me a lot more effective. You could be getting more for your money and here’s why.

You are probably using a variety of channels, SEO, a bit of LinkedIn, video, email, your website and maybe paid digital,  or radio or magazine placement … 

So how do you connect these activities – with the same message? with the same logo? – OK but that’s what your competitors are doing too. “Well we have ‘strapline’ and we have a brand and we reinforce it” … yeah, we hear you. But how do you reinforce engagement. Are you just spending more each year, more disparate channels, and more frequently? 

Modern marketing means thinking smarter not just doing more of the same. And the big companies have learnt this.

They use a BIG IDEA. And you can too.

This means you need a single and a unique and an inventive marketing idea. This BIG IDEA threads through all your marketing elements. It reinforces brand values and it drives customer purchase triggers. 

Don’t think you’re unusual here – most of our customers don’t know they need a BIG IDEA. Maybe you’re thinking: “Why do I need this…I’m doing SEO and the odd video which seems to age working ok?”

Maybe it does – but there is no BIG IDEA.

Meerkats sell insurance. Tigers sell cereal, bunnies sell batteries. You want your business to stand out and be remembered…consistently. That’s what a A BIG IDEA does for you. 

Shouldn’t some of your marketing budget be for the BIG IDEA?

We create BIG IDEAS… We’ve done it for over 25 years, and we’ve done it for global brands and products that are now household names.

We are working with all types of businesses to give them BIG IDEAS and help them implement them. 

Talk to us.

So Rethink your marketing budget.

Use a BIG IDEA to integrate turbo charge your Marketing Budget – make the sum greater than the parts

Having a BIG IDEA increases brand recall. It makes your marking work harder. It makes you money, Gets you noticed above your competitors. Get your businesses talked about. 

It gets you raving fans who tell everyone about your marketing and business – so they are like a sales team that you don’t have to pay

Don’t spend your budget on the same old marketing. Talk to us about a BIG IDEA that gets into the prime real estate of the customer’s brain.