Mip Phillips

Co-Founder and
Strategy & Creative Director

Mip creates the marketing strategies and ideas.
He also oversees all the work, making sure it looks great and works as it should do. He’s the guy you’ll chat to when you call. He knows his stuff! 30 years at London’s top agencies before he founded HABILIS. He has an expert understanding of marketing, from how your brand is perceived to how you reach the top of Google.

Mip is great at demystifying marketing; explaining what you need and why you need to do it to drive more revenue into your business so you can make informed decisions. He’s written a few marketing books and spoken at the London School of Economics on marketing; so you’re in safe hands.

At the weekends you’ll find him either playing guitar of blasting around Kent on his motorbike.  He also once sang Eye of the Tiger on a Cadbury Advert but he tries to keep that quiet!

If you have a project you’d like to discuss email mip@habilisUK.com or call 07515 446 490

Julian Parkin

Co-Founder and
Client Services Director 

Julian has worked with businesses on their strategy and understands the business imperatives of setting and delivering clear outcomes. 

He works with businesses to refine their objectives,  delivering business growth, transformational change programmes and has a detailed understanding of global Privacy and GDPR requirements.

Julian runs the business side of the agency and really enjoys solving client business challenges, spotting opportunity, financial models, new ways to drive revenue.

He’s a keen golfer and at the weekend you’ll find him on the greens in Kent.

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,
TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter

We can help you navigate the huge range of social media channels advising you where to invest to generate a return. Social Media is key to building an audience of fans for your brand.

We create and implement strategic social media that delivers. We can help you navigate the huge range of social media channels advising you where to invest to generate a return.

Our specialists are experienced across a range of sectors creating content that works and managing your social accounts.


Pay Per Click, Google Ads

Experienced across multiple sectors in driving down Cost Per Click and lead acquisition.
Delivering powerful ROI.


Search Engine Optimisation

Experience in B2B and B2C, Ensuring optimum keywords on your website so you are found online by people searching for what you sell, converting prospect searches to clients.


Idea generation & Production

Experienced in TV, Digital TV advertising, corporate video, product launches and Social Media video content. We create engaging videos that leave a lasting impression. Services include script writing, idea creation, production & post production.